Private Island, Maldives

The Maldives are the most desirable tropical islands in the world, the picture-perfect paradise, an archipelago of ring-shaped coral atolls close to the Equator composed of thousands of islands, some of which are inhabited by the local population and others are reserved to world-class luxury resorts.

These small islets surrounded by lush vegetation of palm trees bent by the wind, white beaches and turquoise lagoons populated by colourful fish are truly what is often referred to as “the last paradise on earth”. A luxury holiday in the Maldives never disappoints, the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, the fiery sunsets and the infinite shades of blue fill the skies and the heart of every traveller.

Top-notch hotels and an impeccable service help create a heavenly environment where time seems to stop and you have the feeling of being completely alone, like Robison Crusoe on his island, yet with all the comforts and amenities of a 5* hotel.

You can choose to stay on a private island with no other guests but you and your family for a truly ultra-luxury experience, dine under the moon in the privacy of your own villa, or enjoy a romantic picnic on a desert sandbank, dive in the colourful underwater world while enjoying the mouth-watering menus of Michelin-starred chefs as nothing is impossible in the Maldives. 

The high-end resorts are characterized by the variety and quality of the services they offer to discerning, high-spending travellers: lagoon villas with swimming pool and butler service, top-level spas, yachts and boats available for excursions and deep-sea fishing, scuba diving, gourmet restaurants and an array of personalized services that can be arranged in advance through your personal travel advisor.


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