About me

I started travelling as a child and took my first plane at the age of 2. I have always had this feeling of wanderlust and I remember Ulysses was my favorite story. Since then I have never stopped traveling, I wanted to expand my horizons; my travels helped me discover incredible places and destinations, deepen my knowledge of what kind of service high-profile, well-traveled people want when they travel abroad. Eventually, I decided that my passion for traveling would become my job and wanted to give my business a unique image. My approach to my clients builds on my background as I believe this kind of business requires a high level of sophistication and knowledge but also love, passion and dedication. It is about learning, discovering, assessing, testing continuously; following the trends of the luxury market, adapting to individual tastes and requests. It is about engaging with my clients and creating a long-lasting relationship based on mutual trust. 

My job is entirely dedicated to a high-end, luxury clientele looking for an ultimate luxurious experience that it tailored on their tastes, desires and expectations.

Indeed, every journey is a creation, whether you want to escape for a weekend or enjoy a longer holiday in breathtaking resorts, onboard a luxury cruise ship or be pampered in a 5-star SPA. You can choose among world-class unique destinations, exclusive retreats to rest and recharge, unique experiences that I personally curate, create and deliver to you; turning an inspiration into something extraordinary.


I read, I travel, I become,
Derek Walcott


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