A luxury travel advisor crafts the best luxury holiday for families, couples or groups of friends, this means exploring all possible options from a romantic getaway for two up to a legendary family safari or a private island escape.

The added value of a luxury travel advisor

Meeting with clients, listening to them and building up a trust-based relationship is key to create truly unique, tailor-made and meaningful experiences. I share my knowledge with them and let them be part of the project’s development. This approach increases client’s familiarity with luxury brands and provides a unique insight of luxury destinations.

I promote the “anytime, anywhere” concept which means having the greatest freedom to choose where to go, when to go and what to do because everything is tailormade to my clients’ needs and desires. For me, being a luxury travel advisor means working professionally with a view to offering an unparalleled service, inspiring affluent travelers but also being always up to date on new openings, must-see places, or hidden gems as well as on the latest developments in the trendiest destinations. My job is to create unforgettable journeys and unique experiences.

An advisor saves you money and deliver more value
A luxury travel advisor has connections that enable him/her to have access to special amenities, upgrades and more. The direct contacts with hotels, cruise companies, villa rental companies and consortia provide you with an experience that you won’t find elsewhere. There are no intermediaries between the Client and the advisor which means reducing the cost of booking fees that many agencies, tour operators charge. The advisor talks directly with the property, the airline or the cruise company securing the best offer for you at the best price.

The secret of a luxury travel advisor

Clients want to be pampered and I am there to provide them with a seamless travel experience that is also immersive and transformative. The ultimate goal is to create ever-lasting memories they will carry in their hearts, whether it is a visit to major archeological historical and cultural sites, a candle-lit dinner in a Michelin-starred restaurant, a day of relaxation in a superb spa, or a night in a luxurious butler-serviced hotel.

Indulgence is the word.


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