Tobago Cays, St. Vincent e Grenadine
Tobago Cays, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, 32 islands scattered between Saint Lucia and Grenada, for half a century an outpost for lesser-known Caribbean lovers, a haven for rock stars and stars, hippies and shell seekers. The warm sea breezes and incredibly turquoise waters have made SVG a winning mix, a real place to escape.

The islands of this former British colony, home to only 103,220 inhabitants, attract the attention of many other sun-loving luxury travellers. First and foremost, Canouan, a green little island of just 13 square kilometres surrounded by a vast coral reef, has everything you want - complete privacy, impeccable hotels, extraordinary activities, a natural environment of extraordinary beauty - to create a perfect holiday. The island also has an airport that can accommodate private jets as well as the larger B737s.

In addition to the airport, the marina can accommodate up to 15 superyachts between 40 and 100 meters and is a real gateway to visit the heart of the Grenadines, the marine reserve about 6 km North of the Tobago Cays, where you can snorkel with turtles and thousands of colourful fish.

The glittering white sands of Godahl Beach are the perfect location of sumptuous all-suite hotels, while the beautiful villas nestled on the hills, equipped with facilities and resident staff, guarantee maximum privacy and relaxation. Sports enthusiasts can try the spectacular golf course and admire the islands on the horizon while playing.

21 km Northeast of Canouan there is Mustique, a small jewel whose fame has grown in recent years thanks to the frequent visits of the young British Royals as well as of many celebrities. Today Mustique offers a wide range of luxury villas, that can be booked for shorter or longer periods, fully equipped and serviced, housemaids, butlers, cooks, gardeners are available to make guests’ holidays fantastic, surrounded by lush gardens or overlooking the soft beaches of this extremely beautiful island. 
The chic and exclusive mood of Mustique gets along well with the simple and easy-going atmosphere of nearby Bequia with its beautiful villas hidden among the hills. Bequia maintains a sense of community and inclusiveness that has remained untouched despite the changes and the increase in the number of hotel rooms offer. The choice of places to stay has increased significantly with small, quiet and relatively isolated boutique hotels. From Bequia you can take day trips to St. Vincent, join the locals on the one-hour ferry crossing, and visit Kingstown, the capital city, a charming port with arcaded streets and tropical gardens. In the countryside, pretty villages alternate with Anglican churches and endless banana groves, while the more daring can go for a hike and reach the top of La Soufrière, the 1,220-metre volcano. Either in a villa, on a yacht or a sailing ship, it is up to you to choose the perfect itinerary to visit this Caribbean paradise.


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