La Source d'Argent, La Digue 

The extraordinary beauty of the Seychelles strikes you from the very first moment you land at Mahe airport, the largest island of the archipelago and you are greeted by the unmistakable tropical heat and the lush vegetation that seems to belong to another world.

Victoria, the capital city certainly deserves a morning sightseeing tour, the Clock Tower is a symbolic monument of the city, as is the colourful market where all kinds of fruit and vegetables, local handicrafts, spices and essential oils can be found. Air Seychelles internal flights and fast ferry services, better known as "Cat Cocos “, connect Mahe with the nearby islands of Praslin and La Digue, whose beaches of talcum-powder sand and breathtaking views are the backdrop to the most important and luxurious resorts of the archipelago.

Luxury travellers, looking for privacy, have plenty of choice between the ultra-luxury island-resorts in North Island, Desroches, Frégate and Félicité, real paradises on earth where it is possible to spot some rare endemic species such as the famous Aldabra giant tortoises or plants and birds that can only be seen there. On these off-limits islands, guests enjoy miles and miles of white beaches lapped by the crystal-clear waters of the Indian Ocean whose colours vary from turquoise and emerald tints towards infinity. The feeling of being completely alone, "cast away" as some say, out of the world prevails, yet the skilful, attentive and unobtrusive resident staff is able to meet every request and anticipate guests' wishes and desires. 

Whether it is a sunset boat ride with champagne and canapés, a recreational diving excursion on the coral reef, or a romantic candlelight dinner on the beach, everything is possible in this extraordinary paradise scattered in the Indian Ocean called Seychelles.


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